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Cascade Asset Tree

My Love/Hate Relationship with Cascade CMS

I love the asset tree...

Kitchen In-progress

Used Wood Update

A quick update

First table

More woodworking

I've been playing with wood more. A lot more.

Year in Review, 2016 Edition

A quick narcissistic year in review.

Memorial Cairn

Memorial Cairn

Photo from the 2016 Pan Am Memorial in Arlington, VA.

Hannon Hill Cascade sitemaps

How we setup sitemaps on Hannon Hill's CascadeCMS.

Golf Image


Trying to start golfing

Screenshot of a slides

Slides from DHSS, Semantic Markup for Literature

Slides from a talk at the DHSS event in April '16.

Me in a jacket.


My name is Jesse Menn.

Revival Tour Bandana


Some quick framing.